Build your steel empire and bring it to victory fighting your opponents.

Start with a city and an engineer. Build different production facilities to create combat units and defeat your opponent.

Single player mode allows you to practice against an AI computer opponent in a calm classic turn based manner so you can learn the game mechanics, it's building and unit types.

Once you are ready to compete online against other human players, you can go to a multiplayer mode and search for a ranked ladder match. Game rules will change slightly in the multiplayer mode so players could have a real-time experience when facing each other.

Jump into matchmaking queue, win games, earn MMR points and climb the ladder!

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Tags4X, High Score, Multiplayer, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Turn-based, Turn-based Strategy

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Looks cool, movement can be better. Also I don't know how to attack? it should be intuitive without looking at the tutorial I think

You can attack with your infantry units (not engineers). Try building barracks first, then factory, etc